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I grew up traversing the I-285 between southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. In Santa Fe my days were spent going to school, visiting the farmers market, soaking in the beauty of an art-haven, and engaging in social justice conversations. In Colorado, I spent time in the cowboy culture yodeling around campfires, riding my horse Rimrock as we herded cattle, and gathering wild plants.

Let’s just say I’m quite familiar with those beautiful places and the spaces-in-between. Much of my youth was also spent in the backseat of a vehicle alongside my brother and sister and I always had my fun bag*. Having a suitcase filled with my clothes and toiletries was important…but that fun bag loaded up with my journals (yes, I had multiple…still do), sketchbook, tackle box of colored pencils, novels, sewing projects, beads, yarn and crochet needle (really whatever art project I was working on at the time) was a pivotal part of the journey.  I learned that life is not just about Point A and Point Z but how I spend the time in-between. It’s about integrating all parts of the journey.

I’ve certainly had my dark moments.

I’ve wrestled with anxiety, depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder since I was 8. In fact In fact, I’m the one who self-diagnosed the OCD when I was 15 after reading a magazine article about another teen who was counting ritualistically and “having to” do certain things a certain way or else (insert scary music)… someone might die.

I have been subject to self-hate, self-judgement, people-pleasing, saying yes without honoring myself, not setting boundaries, emotional eating, working myself to death (okay maybe not death but definitely sickness), and not knowing what the hell I’m going to do with my life.

I have experienced the complex pain of divorce (both my parents’ and my own).

I’ve also had my light moments.

I grew up growing up between two unique cultures into the most incredible family that anyone could ever ask for. I get teary eyed when I just think about my love for them.

In college, I lived with the most amazing people (shout out to Oreo House) who cooked with me, partied with me, and got to know me in ways that many people don’t – they became my created family.

For several years I worked with Nobel Peace Prize Winners and youth who were and continue to change the world.

I got to hang out with one of my best friends in Haiti and visit artisan cooperatives to see how they were using “trash” in their folk art.

Pretty much any time I’m with family, friends, phenomenal people or adventuring, the light shines bright!

I would not trade in any of these dark or light moments, they have created me, they have been my teachers, they have allowed me to recognize what I need to do to live in alignment and be completely myself.

The dark has broken me open to heal, show other options, and awaken me to what I’ve been ignoring.

The light has shown me what it means to be fully myself and what I need in my life to be in complete alignment.

In exploring my story and integrating the lessons I have learned from these contrasting points, I have been able to be create my modern day fun bag. This fun bag allows me to infuse my life with rituals and mindsets that bring me soul-smiles and wisdom. This fun bag gives me the tools to know how to best live in the spaces-in-between and embrace my radiantly messy life in a way that is uniquely mine.


Fun Facts

+ I was named after a movie… which neither of my parents have seen. My full name is Camila Andrea Amada Brigitta Furr Márquez.

+ I have tried nearly every dance style possible including a 3+year stint with Irish dancing and a 3-year gig teaching Ballroom dance. Spontaneous dance parties are the best!

+ The first book I ever tried to read by myself was The Little Prince…I was 4. I didn’t get it at the time, but when I did 13 years later it became one of my favorite books.

+ One of my favorite foods is beans. This winter I talked to two different taxi drivers in two different countries about my love of beans.

+ I was once kidnapped into a wedding in Ireland.

+ I taught myself how to speak backwards in middle school.

+ I think a piñata should be present at every major event… so should donuts.

+ If there is a natural body of water and it’s relatively warm outside, I will likely jump into said water.

+ I listen to my heart more than my head… it’s led me on many a grand adventure.

+ If you slip into accents or practice them for fun… we will probably get along.


The Official Bio

Camila Furr Márquez is a life coach who believes in radiant messiness- allowing the joys and challenges of life and the spaces-in-between to dance together and fuel the creation of one’s deepest desires. After graduating from Cornell University with a BS in Human Development focusing on Social and Personality Development she trained and coached mentors for PeaceJam and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Camila was also selected as a Season 6 quarter-life crisis (QLC) blogger for Stratejoy where she wrote about not knowing what to do with her life (the QLC is real!). This is where she first learned about the world of life coaching and has since graduated from Jeannine Yoder’s Mentor Masterclass.



2 thoughts on “About

    • Camila says:

      Thank you! I love reading people’s fun facts, you never know what quirks people might have that make them unique! So glad I inspired you 🙂

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