Honor Your Imperfections, Honor the Divine

Honor your imperfectinos, Honor the Divine.

One of my breasts is bigger than the other. So is one of my eyes. It took me 18 years and a statue at the Louvre with my profile to appreciate the curve in my nose.

I didn’t learn how to “correctly” say the words “museum” and “wolf” until I entered adulthood. I still struggle to understand sarcasm but love dry humor. I don’t really think I’m that funny, but other people do when I’m not trying to be.

I still wait until the last minute to do things but I think about them a lot beforehand. My ideas just take a lot of time to gestate before they’re ready to be birthed.

Some people say I’m too quiet- an award I was given in the 6th grade. I’m just absorbing the words, the way the light falls, the interaction between people, what remains unsaid.

Ever since I was in my single digits I’ve come out of the library with armloads of books. I tend to look like the mouse Gus in Cinderella after he gathers corn. I still never read all of them, I just like having options.

I’m not always who people think I’m supposed to be. I’m not always doing what people think I’m supposed to do. But I am exactly who I need to be.

I am imperfect perfection.

You are your own unique being. You say things that not everyone says. You think things that not everyone thinks. You have corporeal asymmetries that may be noticeable only to you.

You have your own unique ways of signing your name, planning your day, and living your life. You have your own collections of passions. You have your own way of defying the status quo.

You have a name with its own story. You have lived your own life of stories that not everyone has lived. You are the only you there will ever be.

You are imperfect perfection.

Throughout the world, imperfection has become a signature, an honoring of the divine. Spirit beads are incorporated into beadwork, mistakes woven into Persian and Navajo rugs.  The entire Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi gives tribute to the beauty of imperfection, impermanence, and incompletion.

In honoring our imperfections, we honor the divine.

In honoring our imperfections, we honor the beauty within us that is uniquely ours.

In what ways are you imperfectly perfect?


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