Best Year Yet!


Last summer sitting on my aunt and uncle’s front porch, my Uncle Tim asked my siblings and me what we thought about 2015. Up until that point, the year had been quite challenging, my heart was in a state of deep aching, and I had no idea what would happen next in my life. He waited for us to answer with our “it’s okay” responses before being asked what he thought. He replied matter-of-factly, “I think it’s the best year yet.”

That stuck with me. From that point on, I returned to that phrase… “best year yet.” Indeed, that’s exactly what it became. If I look at my 2015, I probably had more growth in a single year than I have had in years.

  • I applied and got accepted to all of the graduate schools I applied to.
  • I joined an incredible program called Mentor Masterclass which allowed me to connect deeply with phenomenal women and learn how to be a life coach.
  • I celebrated my sister’s graduation from college.
  • I travelled with family to Tulum and got to leave the country for the first time since 2010.
  • I made the difficult decision to get divorced.
  • I journeyed across the US with my sister moving from Santa Fe, NM to Somerville, MA.
  • I started graduate school at Tufts.
  • I developed some inner-child life coaching techniques that I really enjoy working with.
  • I grew a deeper connection with myself and my inner knowledge.
  • I learned that sometimes you need to let go.

That list is just a glimpse of what 2015 year gifted me. Even with the challenges, I allowed myself to learn and grow.

What happens then if we live with a “Best Year Yet!” mentality? What happens if we shift into creating exactly what we desire now?

2016 shouldn’t be the best year ever, it should be the best year yet. We should be continuously growing, viewing life in wonder, basking in the beauty of each day. If we view it with that perspective taking actions to create exactly what we want in our lives each day, we’re moving in the direction of having the “Best Year Yet!” every year.

So, in 2016, what will you create? How will you make this your best year yet?




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