27 for 27


On April 28th, I turned 27.

My husband and I spent an incredible weekend in Denver/Boulder dining, shopping, people watching and taking in art museums, comic book stores, and seeing if it’s a place we’d like to end up (it is!).

Birthdays have always been huge for me. They’re stepping stones, a time for reflection, a time for looking forward, a transitional point allowing me to take another step towards becoming the person I want to be.

In the spirit of reflection and entering into my 27th year I leave you with 27 for 27. A list of 27 things I would like to accomplish before I hit my Golden Birthday.


1-5)  Make the following foods/beverages: tiramisu, spanakopita, pickles, limoncello, & beer. [life list items]

6)  Visit a winery (with a friend… or more!).

7)  Try a new restaurant in Santa Fe. Santa Fe has soooo many and I find myself often going to the same ones.


8)  Sew something magnificent (quilt or dress or other project). [life list items]

9)  Decoupage or bead a pair of high heels.

10)  Create three new stuffed animal patterns.

11)  Outline a basic plan for a family art show.


12)  Read Lonesome Dove. [life list item]

13)  Read Roots. [life list item]

14)  Write love letters to at least ten of my friends/family members/people I admire.

15)  Have a piece of my writing published by a reputable source. [life list item]

16)  Read/perform one of my poems in front of a crowd.

17)  Work on at least one chapter of my Fistfight Funeral novel.


18)  Take Marie Forleo’s B-School.

19)  Apply and get into a graduate school program. [life list item]

20)  Develop a tangible plan for becoming a life coach.

21)  Design and print Relish the Verve business cards.


22)  Visit at least one new town/city/state/country.

23)  Swim in Abiquiu Lake.

24)  Attend the World Domination Summit.


25)  Pay off at least one student loan.

26)  Make one new friend.

27)  Host a themed party.

By the end of my 27th year I may decide that some of these are goals I no longer want to accomplish. I may decide that these goals are all awesome and I’ve completed all of them. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


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