6 Ways to Get Unstuck Fast

rtv- 5 ways to get unstuck fast

You know those days when you really really want to get something accomplished? You want to finish writing those last three pages of your novel, you want to come up with an idea for work that will blow your boss’s mind, you want to come up with a sweet dance routine to show off at your friend’s wedding, you want to ____________ (this is where you fill in the blank for whatever you’re struggling with today).

There are just those days when we want to paint the picture but the colors are all missing. They’ve been sucked dry and you’re left with just a canvas in monochrome.

We’ve all been there. It happens to everyone. The real question is, how do you get unstuck?

I’ve been through so many of these moments that I’ve come up with some standby methods to move beyond having my wheels spinning 20 bazillion revolutions per minute and finally getting out of my rut and driving into the sunrise.

1. Wander Aimlessly

Take a walk, drive through your town, take subways and amble about your city. The point here is to go somewhere without a destination. See where your spirit, your feet, your unconscious mind leads you. This will give your brain a chance to recharge or rethink things in a new setting. Let yourself be in the present and see what comes your way.

2. Get Moving

Dance. Skip. Jump on your trampoline. Take a run around the block. Get your endorphins pumping. You’ll automatically get a boost in energy and feel happier. I can’t tell you the countless times I’ve woken up in a pissed off mood not wanting to do anything, but once I take a run through the park or have a dance party to some techno in my room it’s like the dark I’m in a funk nebula lifts from my body.

3. Journal

If you’re a writer, like me, putting a turquoise pen to the pages of a gorgeous journal allows me to get all my frustrations out. It can help me see what’s holding me back and allows me to release the stress associated with whatever block I’m having.

4. Have a Conversation with Someone

Having a conversation with someone can have the same impact as writing. Just allowing yourself that release and the ability to be honest with your emotions can help erase the block and help you move beyond it. Talking to someone allows you to get your frustrations out. Not only that, but you know the old adage-  two heads are better than one. Having extra insight into your block provides you with a new perspective that you may not have seen before.

5. Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

Eat kimchi for the first time. Talk to a stranger in a coffee shop across town. Attend a service at a completely different place of worship. Be the country music gal who goes to a hip-hop fest. Challenge yourself to be uncomfortable and get out of your norms. It will provide you with new ideas that will propel you forward and into motion. New experiences will give you new angles to work from. Take advantage of that.

6. Give Yourself a Deadline

If nothing else works just give yourself a deadline and make it public. This will force you to get shit done and working under pressure can often produce creative results or answers that you wouldn’t have produced otherwise.

Which unstuck method are you going to try the next time you have a block? If you’ve tried one of these, how did it work for you?


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